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Who We Are


Alliance Wireless Communications is North America’s leading Telephone Answering Service. Our clients trust our team of dedicated North American-based Agents to provide an exceptional customer experience every call.

Since our founding in 1948, our team members have answered more than 50 million calls. We make businesses more agile and profitable by ensuring every call is answered in a friendly and professional manner. Winners of prestigious Awards of Excellence from industry-accredited associations since 1998.

We realized a long time ago that our business was only as good as its people and that if we wanted to be the best answering service, we had to be prepared to find, train, and retain top-caliber talent. So we hired the best people, and enjoy a very low staff turnover, with an average length of service of 9 years, and more than half of our staff with 15+ years.

Our team members are the major competitive differentiator for Alliance and our clients!

By The Numbers

Whether it’s billing out your minutes, to ensuring all of our customer experience statistics are maintained, Alliance Wireless Communications is about the numbers. When you’re looking to scale your business, you want something that is inexpensive but doesn’t cut corners in the manner we hire, train and retain our team. Our front office Agents are able to take calls 24/7/365, within your unique account guidelines.



One of Alliance’s biggest strengths is the ability to specialize by industry.
Specialization under the Alliance Communications umbrella include:
Alliance Communications: Our flagship, our legacy and reputation within Kingston and globally.
Director on Call: focusing on the funeral profession.
Legal Call 24: focusing on those within the legal field, including bail bonds firms.
My-Sidekick: tailored to start ups, IT firms, and solo-entrepreneurs. We understand your hustle.
Quest Answering: A satellite office in Simcoe, serving that community and beyond for more than 20 years.


Average Tenure of our Agents

Our Agents are exceptional when it comes to customer service, front office etiquette and call management. Once trained, we ensure we retain our talent with education plans, work perks and an exceptional corporate culture. With an average tenure of 9.5 years, our Agents are experts.

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Calls Per Day

Our call volume ensures our Agents are “on” for every single one of our clients. We only take one call at a time, ensuring lower hold times and the ability to get all the relevant details and dispatch if necessary. You only pay when we’re actively in your account and we’ve honed our process for the most efficiency, without compromising a personal touch.

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Years of Award Winning Service

We’ve consistently achieved the “Award of Excellence” from CAM-X since 1999. We are also award-winners from ATSI and NAEO, all independent call centre organizations.


Training & Hiring

We start by hand-picking exceptional people who possess attention to detail and a natural, easy-going way with people. We then give them extensive training to ensure they're prepared to handle the most challenging situations, while using the latest software technology. We pay a generous wage, contribute to their pension plans and offer a comprehensive health benefits plan. We also encourage continuing education and have a robust performance management program that is benchmark for our industry.

In addition to standard benefits, bonus incentives further help us motivate and retain good people. As a result, we have built a real team with professionals committed to making our answering service the best it can be. That commitment shines through in the enthusiasm they bring to the job, and the excellence with which they perform—all of which translates into better service for your firm.

With an average tenure of 9.5+ years, this has worked exceptionally for us, with a low staff turnover, with our staff coming from the local Kingston area. Our Alliance Agents are on the front line of every interaction, committed to ensuring a great experience every time.

Brad French, President, with previous owners Jack & Marie French

Brad French, President, with previous owners Jack & Marie French

Message from Brad French, President

From the first time we meet with you, we are about understanding your business: your corporate culture and personality, the dynamics that drive your revenues, and the issues you're seeking to resolve. At Alliance Wireless Communications we believe every client is unique, so every script must be customized to your firm’s specific requirements.

It's that personalized attention to detail that sets the tone for how we work for you. In the end, we don't want you to think of us just as an expense, but instead see us as a key component of your overall business.