Answering Services

Your calls are answered by our Canadian-based Agents 24 hours a day. We manage your incoming calls, screen and prioritize per your customized instructions, while giving a personalized response to every caller. Sales calls can be qualified, and spam calls can be blocked. A summary of every call will be sent to you immediately via email or text. And of course you have access to our e-portal to listen to the calls.


I.T. Professionals

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Living in the age of technology has its advantages and makes life so much easier. Computers are everywhere, and if you are an IT company your business is booming! But not all people who have access to computers and technology are “IT savvy”. Customer satisfaction occurs on the first ring. When your customers need to fix their computer or network problems, they don’t have time to wait. And they certainly are not happy if they call for assistance and get a machine or voicemail system.

Alliance Wireless Communications can radically change the way you handle your help desk calls and service. For much less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee, we take messages, route calls, and triage level 1 support requests. Our Agents can open and update tickets in Jira, ConnectWise, Citrix, SalesForce and SugarCRM and escalate to your staff when necessary.

Small Business

Alliance Wireless Communications is the perfect solution if you need an assistant, but can’t justify the expense of an additional employee. Whether you are on a job site, with a client, taking a much-needed vacation or have seasonal call volume spikes, your next client could be on the line.

The need to ramp up your phone coverage can happen almost overnight, and your business relies on a fast and affordable solution. Our service is always available, doesn’t get sick, never takes vacations and costs about $3 per day, depending on your call volume. Alliance Wireless Communications service offers the perfect professional solution!

Property Management Firms

Tenants and potential tenants want their concerns and questions answered immediately. Alliance Wireless will prioritize calls based on your specifications. From leaky faucets, lost keys or keycards, or any other concerns tenants may have Alliance Wireless is there to answer calls, 24/7/365.

We major in student property management and understand the need for Property Managers and Property Management firms need to manage their own expenses while providing a superior level of care to these tenants, as well as their parents.

Our experienced Agents are well versed in the calls that many property management firms get, and we get it right on the first call, taking relevant information. We understand that you can be busy at time, and that every single tenant is important. Safety and comfort are paramount to your residents.

A Property Manager whose there for their clients whenever they’re in need shows a level of understanding and compassion, and our Operators work as your first line of tenant customer service. We’re able to integrate with many of the programs already being used and can issue tickets for service if required.



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People need legal assistance regardless of time of the day … or night. They are anxious, afraid and need help and want to speak to a live voice, not a machine. This is especially critical if the caller is limited to just one call. Alliance Wireless Communications offers service specifically designed for the legal professional - Legal Call 24. Our Agents are equipped to deal with any call in an efficient and professional manner. We capture the information and assure the caller that someone from your firm will be in touch. Depending on your instructions, we can even connect the caller directly to you.

Being accessible 24/7 is the nature of your business and ensuring you never miss an opportunity is our business. You will have a competitive edge and total peace of mind knowing that when your phone rings your callers won’t have any reason to pick up the phone to call another law firm.

Funeral Homes

Director On Call specializes in helping Funeral Homes in Canada and the United States manage their phone lines and other communication channels. We offer a range of services, with flexible pricing packages to ensure you receive exactly the support you need. We focus on your answering your calls, so you and your team can focus on your clients. Not everyone can be an Agent, so we focus on the right fit when hiring. Our Agents need to have a keen attention to detail, a positive attitude, call control management and a graciousness that comes out on every call.


Employee Check in & Attendance

If you have staff that work alone, or need to check in with a dispatcher coming and going from job sites, then Alliance Wireless Communications is the answer for your company. In any escalated calls, we’re able to confirm that the issue has been sent out to your on-call technician, and will check in and close the ticket as per your account instructions.

Our After-Hours Employee Check In Line allows for you to have the piece of mind regarding your staff’s safety, and allows for you to track efficiency.

You can also add Mi-Secure Messages in order to connect with team members after-hours or who are working alone, all from your phone or tablet.


 Referral Program

We love when our clients are so happy with our services, that they tell a friend or colleague. Now, we want to reward you for it as well. If the referral comes on service with Alliance Wireless Communications, they’ll receive a credit— and so will you. We value your business and your confidence in us.

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