Why Local Often Works for Outsourcing

Alliance Wireless Communications believe that locally outsourcing our work is one of the best ways to ensure that the work is up to your companies standards while also still allowing your company to keep its services with other local providers. We have over 70 years of experience providing premium services to all of our clients throughout the Eastern Ontario Area and throughout the rest of Canada.

Here at Alliance Wireless Communications, we still believe that you can outsource your work to local businesses even in a global economy. We are one of the communities that companies throughout Eastern Ontario choose to outsource their call-answering services to, even in the midst of a global economy.

Keeping Your Support Locally Sourced Your Area's Local Economy:

By primarily working with companies located throughout your local area helps your business support other small businesses in you area. Keeping your outsourced work within driving distances also allows you to meet up with the company and the manger of the outsourced companies when you want to talk things over. Doing in-person meetings can be a lot easier than trying to do meetings on the phone with someone halfway around the world. The "backyard support" of having other local companies helping your company also helps you all work on the same time clock as each other considering you are in the same time zone.

Keeping Business Onshore Often Benefits Customers:

Keeping business "onshore" means that you are keeping your business in your country. That means that you ensure that the people who are supporting your company are accessible to both you and your customers. If the company is located in your area, you know the representatives speak the language you speak (English in this case) fluently and that they are trained to do business in a similar manner to how other companies in your area do business. They are more likely to satisfy customers and meet the social and cultural norms of your society.

Fewer CFO’s Wish To Outsource Work to Other Countries:

While there are a few CFO’s who still wish to outsource work to other countries such as India, the percentage has lowered and is quite a bit less than the number has been in the past. Currently, only about 38% CFO’s say that they do offshore sourcing and only 26% of CFO’s believe that the best place to outsource their business to is India.

As local outsourcing becomes more common, be sure to consider outsourcing your needs to local businesses in our area.

Alliance Wireless Communications Wants to Work With You:

Alliance Wireless Communications works with companies throughout the Eastern Ontario area and is interested in working with your company to locally outsource your call service needs. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to outsource your calling services to our company.

Alliance Wireless Communications always looks forward to working with to provide for you and your company's specific outsourcing call needs!

Sharron Lawson