IT Companies: Let Us Answer the Call

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It's the middle of the night and your tech sleepily answers the call phone. In your IT business, there are two ways this call can go. Without an answering service, your tech loses sleep guiding your client through the basic fixes while trying to assess if they need to physically be there to solve the issue. On the flip side, the answering service is calling alerting your tech of the issue and the steps they have taken to solve the problem already. With a team of agents available to answer basic questions, call-ins for small issues can be dramatically reduced.

Answer All Calls

Your office hours end at five in the evening. Who is there at five o five to answer how to reset the system? Without rolling over to an answering service, no one. Quit missing calls from new clients who got to your name just a few minutes too late to speak with you. Agents are available from the time you leave until the time you return and during lunch. Holidays and vacations can be taken without worrying that you'll miss a single call for work.

Increased Employee Performance

Techs need rest like every other human. Long hours working at the office and then turning around pulling call at night is draining. Techs who return to work sleep-deprived after a night of calls lose performance and makes mistakes. Let the answering service reduce the strain on your techs.

In House Cost Reduction

With an outsourced local answering service, you can reduce the cost of customer service personnel for your business. More techs on duty or on-call equals more work done correctly. Training your service reps in the house reduces overhead cost increasing revenue.

In a world where IT moves fast, and fixes need to be faster. An answering service aids in faster service and easier simplistic fixes. Available 24/7/365 let Alliance Wireless help set up your answering service solution today.

Sharron Lawson