Going Green in a Home Office

As the populations of our cities continue to grow, it becomes increasingly important to think about the way we use our common resources. Adapting green living techniques help lessen the strain on our water systems, electrical grids, and landfills.

Green Home Office

Are you looking for simple ways to lighten your burden on the earth? These tips will reduce your home office's impact on the environment without too much extra work.


Paperwork is a fact of life in many offices. Invoices, bills that need to be paid, and the other bits of written-down detritus can make regular recycling an act of self-inflicted frustration. Control your paper waste with these tips.

  • Use an electronic memo pad. Instead of using sticky notes, keep notes neat and organized on your desktop.

  • Use an answering service. Professional customer service representatives will handle your incoming calls. You can opt to have your messages sent to you via e-mail so there are no random pieces of paper floating around your desk.

  • Go paperless. Legal regulations make it necessary to keep paper hard copies of certain documents. Many normal business communications, however, can be done using e-mail or with web conferencing.

Think beyond the recycle bin. Reduce the amount of paperwork you generate to make your home office as green as can be.

Break Time

Take a look at your daily work comforts to maximize your earth-friendly office space.

  • Use a real cup or glass. Paper cups are quick and easy. However, just one daily disposable cup burdens overtaxed landfills with 23 pounds of waste each year.

  • Skip the delivery lunches. Instead, take a walk to your favorite neighborhood eatery for your midday meals. The exercise will keep you alert and energized throughout your busy day and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

  • Wear a sweater or open a window. Don’t rely on energy-hungry indoor climate control to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Set your thermostat between 68 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (20-23 degrees Celsius) to reap the most energy-saving rewards.

These small habits may seem insignificant, but they make a big difference over time. A few simple changes in your daily habits can help you create an office that cares for the environment as much as you do.

Sharron Lawson