Alliance and Infiniwiz: A Partnership Built One Call at a Time

Our Senior Business Manager, Linda, recently sat down with one of our clients in order to see how our service has benefited their IT firm since coming on service.

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Infiniwiz is a Chicago based IT support company who works with various sectors to ensure functionality, and security for their clients across the United States.

She spoke with Alek Pirlhalo, Co-Founder and COO.

Infiniwiz found that prior to working with Alliance Wireless, if clients were calling during peak times and all in house staff was occupied, that they would not be leaving a voicemail regarding a question, concern, or case.  In the last five years that they’ve been on service with Alliance, they’ve found that it’s working both for their internal teams and external clients.

Has signing up with Alliance Wireless increased your client base?

Where I can’t directly tie this to new clients, I can tie this to the level of happiness of our clients. No matter when they call, there’s always a knowledgeable, well trained person on the line, asking the right questions. Our clients get answers, and we’ve seen an increase in our retention numbers.

It’s impacted our revenue as well, as now we catch all calls. Before we used Alliance Wireless, there were people who call the sales or support line looking for help, and they wouldn’t be able reach someone, and we’d lose them.

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Where do you see the benefits of our 24/7 availability? 

We have a variety of clients, but a lot of our after-hours calls are health care related. When they need IT service there is an immediacy needed, as they can’t wait. As well, we do services for accountants, and during tax time, they’re working nights in order to meet their client demand. If they need anything, they call us.

It’s also helped us internally, as our on-call staff aren’t waiting for calls, they’re receiving an email from Alliance Wireless. It’s easier on the internal staff as they no longer need to literally be “on-call”. When they receive the emails, they see all the details about what needs to be done.

What differences have you seen in your business since using Alliance Wireless?

When you rely on voicemail, you’re relying on your clients to give you all the information necessary, but they may not be able e to give us all the information we need. Using Alliance Wireless, with live operators, you can ask specific questions to funnel the calls, whether its sales, billing, or support. They’re able to triage immediately to the right department. Through the scripting process, we can provide level one support through Alliance Wireless as well. This is far more in depth then I would have expected from a call center. We’re able to educate callers on the scale we use in order to provide emergency service, and what that means at Infiniwiz.

Any managed IT that provides phone service, should consider this as part of their offerings.

Do you get any feedback about out service from any of your callers?

I’m not in the technical department, my partner does. However, I would get the complaints, and there’s been no complaints.

If you want to learn more about Infiniwiz, you can find their website here:

We would like to thank Alek for taking time out of his day to discuss how Alliance Wireless works with them and their clients to provide exceptional service, on every single call.

Sharron Lawson