How Delegating Can Help Your Work-Life Balance

Do you feel like you are always working, even when you're supposed to be at home relaxing with your family? A lack of work-life balance can impact your job performance and also your mental health. One way to help improve this balance is by delegating tasks to others. Here's a closer look at how delegating can help take some work off your plate, as well as a few simple tips to help you delegate effectively.

Benefits of Delegating

Delegating does not just decrease the number of tasks on your task list each day. It also removes your mental responsibility for certain tasks. For example, if you used to handle after-hours calls and you then delegate that task to an employee or a hired company, you are no longer obligated to think about after-hours calls. Your mind can relax, so you feel more at-ease when you're not at work.

Delegating also gives others in your business a chance to learn aspects of the job they may not have otherwise learned. If you are ever sick or want to go on a vacation, it will be nice to know someone else is capable while you're away.

Tips for Delegating

Giving up control can be tough, but here are a few tips to help make delegating your work easier.

  • Thoroughly explain what you expect when delegating tasks to an employee. Give them the chance to ask any questions that may have before you "set them loose" to complete the task.

  • Once the employee to whom you are delegating knows what they are doing, give them the authority to complete it. If you make them check back in with you too often, you will still feel the mental burden of having to do that work.

  • Check over work periodically. This will ensure that your employees stay on the right track. If you do discover problems with the work being done, point them out and then help employees to correct them.

Start by making a list of tasks you don't mind delegating. Then, next to each task, write down the name of the employee you plan on delegating that task to. If your work-life balance is really ailing, it may be time to hire someone new so you can decrease your workload.

No matter how much you love your job, delegating is a necessary step to keep your life in balance.


Jessica Avery