Using Social Media to Build Your Business

Today, social media is central to most marketing endeavors, and it is almost impossible to promote your business without using social media to some degree. However, simply being active on Facebook and Twitter is not quite enough. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your efforts to use social media to promote your business.


1. Select your platforms carefully.

There are numerous social media platforms, and some are better suited to certain business endeavors than other. For instance, when you're promoting a legal business, you're better off using Facebook and Twitter, which make it easier to maintain a professional image, than Snapchat, which has a less-mature feel.

2. Stick to a schedule.

If your followers and potential customers hear from you more often, your name will stay in the forefront of their minds -- and you're more likely to be the one they call when they find themselves in need of their services. To ensure your followers see posts as expected, stick to a schedule. For instance, you could post every morning around 8 am or every other day at 5 pm. Between 8 - 9 am and between 4 and 5 pm are good times to post since this is when people are just starting or ending their workday and are likely to be browsing social media.

3. Write engaging posts.

Make sure at least some of your posts encourage your guests to interact with your page. For instance, you could post a question such as "Who can tell us what the first thing is you should do after getting in a car accident?" and then wait for your followers to answer. This helps your followers get to know your business's personality, which helps your business stand out.

4. Stay positive.

From time to time, someone may leave a negative review or complaint on your page. Whether or not the complaint is warranted, be sure to respond professionally and positively. Explaining your side is often better than ignoring complaints as it shows you care about customer feedback. Remember that you can block anyone who is simply being a nuisance.

If you follow the tips above, you should find greater success in using social media to promote your business. Remember, social media is all about getting to know your potential clients and allowing them to get to know you.

Jessica Avery